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  • February 3 - Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School
  • February 17 - The Bobby Bear Show
    • Booby Bear Meets The President (Also includes: Bobby Bear Babysits/Bobby Bear's Family Vacation)
    • Yo Yogi!
    • Super Duper Snag (Also includes: Yippie, Yo Yogi!/Tricky Dickie's Dirty Trickles)
    • Mellow Fellow (Also includes: There's No Place Like Snow Business/Huck's Doggone Day)
  • March 10 - Yogi's Treasure Hunt
    • Yogi and the Unicorn (Also includes: The Return of EL Kabong/Bungle in the Jungle)
    • The Nellie Brie Show
    • Nellie Brie's Halloween (Also includes: Nellie Brie's Thanksgiving/Nellie Brie's Christmas)
    • Reed Daley's Picnic (Also includes: Part of the Game/Baseball Reed)
  • March 24 - The Herman and Katnip Show
    • Herman and Katnip on Zombie Island (Also includes: Herman and the Haunted House/Night of the Living Ghost)
    • Herman and Katnip and the Alien Invaders (Also includes: Escape to the Treasure of Manhattan Island/A Herman and Katnip Vacation)
  • April 7 - Frosty the Snowman (1969 TV Special)
  • April 25 -
  • May 5 - Desert Flower (1988 TV Series)
    • Desert Flower's Spookiest Tales (contains: A Halloween Hassle Like Ghost's House/Night of the Living Huck)
    • Desert Flower's Creepiest Capers (contains: That Snow Ghost/A Haunted House Hang Up)
  • May 19 - The Scooby-Doo and Yogi Bear Show
  • June 6 -
  • August 29 - The Halloween Tree
  • September 12 - The Balto Show
    • Balto's Birthday (Also includes: Balto's Halloween/Balto's Christmas)
    • Balto Meets the President (Also includes: Balto Babysits/Balto's Family Vacation)
  • September 26 - A Flintstones Christmas Carol
    • The Nellie Brie Show
    • Super Duper Reed (Also includes: Reed's Big Day/Reed's Family Vacation)
    • The Return of Nellie Brie (Also includes: Reed's Birthday Party/Nellie Brie in Wonderland)
    • The Scuttlebutt and Nellie Brie Show
    • A Long Trip (Also includes: Scuttlebutt's Greatest Mysteries/Scuttlebutt's Spookiest Tales)