For the 1992 film, see Blinky Bill (film).

Blinky Bill the Movie is an upcoming Australian computer-animated film based on the Blinky Bill character, an anthropomorphic koala created by Dorothy Wall for a children's book series in 1933. The film was produced by Flying Bark Productions (formerly Yoram Gross Films Studio, which also produced Blinky Bill, a 1992 traditional animation film featuring the character), and co-produced by Assemblage Entertainment (India) and Telegael (Ireland).[1]

The film will be followed by a 26-episode TV series, The Wild Adventures of Blinky Bill, which will air on the Seven Network.[2]


This the town of Greenpatch in Australia, Blinky Bill (Ryan Kwanten) tell the story about his father, Bill Koala (Richard Roxburgh) to rescue the animals he a hero. Ten years ago Blinky and his friends to time teaches Mayor Cranklepot the Goanna (Barry Otto) with the fruit bombs at the town , by the disaster the Statue Cranklepot chases Blinky head to the big rainforest. Then Blinky saw the mark that his dad but Cranklepot grabs him back to house to his mother, Betty Koala (Deborah Mailman) Blinky tell her to go saved his father at the sea of white dragons but his mom tell her son that his father not out there in the desert but Blinky feels very sad and crying that he never see him again and back to his room. The next day Blinky has to finding his father at the outback, he arrived at the Koala Joe's Roadhouse to see what those things he has to eat those hot peppers and he to get some water then he hears bang on the door he saw the feral cat named Sir Claude (Rufus Sewell) to catch a meat eater koala, but Blinky rides the van on the road.

On the van Blinky meets a female little koala on the cage to heads to the zoo but he rescues her from the humans but the cage broken it but the female little koala to stop this van but it pass away now what he did this she angers to bully him and she down on the ground Blinky knows what to take her to the zoo Blinky to including Nutsy (Robin McLeavy) and they went away. Back at Greenpatch Blinky's friends Splodge, Robert, and Marcia to take care his mother. Blinky and Nutsy meets the frill-necked lizard named Jacko (David Wenham) to helped to go the zoo for her and his dad at the sea of white dragons and he has to hit the trail but Sir Claude arrives top of the rocks about his tail and he smack Jacko and he saw Blinky with Nutsy and he to kill the koalas but Blinky, Nutsy, and Jacko on the Rockside and the other bit of her cage to leave this to walk adventures. At Greenpatch Betty see Blinky on his bedroom behind this door but is not Blinky it's only Blinky's friend Robert they playing a trick on her know where is Blinky.

Blinky is having a nightmare the low voice to take his new friends to his clubhouse his name is Wombo the Wombat (Barry Humphries) to help finding his father at the sea of white dragons then the two emus named Beryl and Cheryl (Toni Collette) on the to croc canyon across the deserts then Sir Claude tell Wombo to the koalas with the emus, Blinky tells Nutsy about her parents Nutsy tell him her mom and dad lives the trees but the bushfires and she head to the zoo for her Blinky know the room for her at Greenpatch. Then they arrived at croc canyon to wave goodbye to their emu friends. Betty arrives Wombo's Hideout she can't find her son to rescue his father, Wombo and Betty to have a ride in to old car with the roof tops across the desert. At croc canyon Blinky, Nutsy, and Jacko saw that hat is his dad but the Saltwater Crocodiles chases them on the rocks but Sir Claude arrives at croc canyon to chase again but he falls over to the crocs and chased away Blinky to see his dad but his dad and rope on the bag and he saw that his dad on the skeleton on the bones he died and Blinky feels crying Nutsy and Jacko has to go to sleep by the moon Blinky did really terrible and he feels sorry to Nutsy and he has take her to the zoo.

Next the day Blinky and Jacko to take Nutsy to the zoo. Beryl and Cheryl sees Wombo and Betty know where Kids is. then they arrived the zoo Blinky and Jacko to say goodbye Nutsy to great adventures but she not scare of heights she be in the wild with Blinky and his friends at Greenpatch then Blinky is been koala napped by the zoo keeper but Nutsy and Jacko to saved him. the zoo keeper brought Blinky in the cage to join the other koalas then he saw the parrot was sleeping, he tries to get out but he hears the stranger in the big cage to zip him off but tells him to zip it and he want to get back to his homeland Greenpatch, the stranger hears what that little guy saying Blinky hears want the stranger thinks he is it was is his father Bill was alive and he tells his son went to sea of white dragons its called croc canyon that his mother with him but Blinky tells his father Cranklepot is taking over Greenpatch and Blinky feels upset at him to promise his mother to come home Bill tries to promise. Then Blinky has a idea to busted out of here to paws in with his father as a team, at they are free Blinky tell his father meet Blinky's new friends Nutsy and Jacko but then the parrot saw the koalas escape they has to outside then Blinky tell Nutsy, and Bill to have a plan to fly just liked the plane but Jacko is with the parrot named Jorge to bust to really to fly but Sir Claude arrives at the zoo he saw Blinky's father of the tail biter and he tries to kill him but Blinky saves his dad and he being chased but Bill, Nutsy, Jacko, and Jorge are on the flyer with helping by two emu friends Beryl and Cheryl arrives at the zoo they can fly to rescue Blinky from that crazy wild cat Sir Claude smash Blinky and he tired to kill him but Betty arrives at the zoo to get his paws off her son and she smashed him Blinky hugs his mother to saving his life and Nutsy got the rope for them Blinky tells his mother to meet his new friend Nutsy. but Blinky to grab Sir Claudle about friends will saved us but he tell him who needs friends and got nive lives but Sir Claudle has been eaten by a crocodile. Then Blinky, Betty and Nutsy head back to the flyer with Jacko, Bill, Jorge, Beryl and Cheryl but Bill tell his wife to the promise to never leave home again Blinky to starboard the wheel he see old friend Wombo on the old car to grabs the rope on the flyer Blinky, his parents and his friends all the way home to saved Greenpatch.

Back at Greenpatch Cranklepot to tell other animals to bow to the new king, But Bill with his family and Blinky's friends with the fruit bombs Cranklepot saw Bill was alive Bill tells Blinky to ready to smashed the fruit bombs to him Blinky smiles at his father and they smashed him and Blinky smiles on the happy ending.

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  • Blinky Bill the Movie now on Blu-ray, DVD and HD in 2016.


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