Film information

Directed by

Sam Lasseter

Produced by

Ben Stanton
Sam Lasseter
Jordy Ranft

Written by

Jordy Ranft


Joseph Boyce
Alexander Gould
Zachary Gordon
Kevin Jonas
Jimmy Bennett
Sasha Pieterse
Miley Cyrus
Ryan Newman
Melanie Iglesias
Kristen Alderson

Music by

Joey Newman
James Dooley


Buena Vista Animation Studios

Distributed by

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Release Date(s)

  • November 11, 2016 (2016-11-11)



Dalmatians is an upcoming American animated comedy family film. The film stars the voices of Joseph Boyce, Alexander Gould, Zachary Gordon, Kevin Jonas, Jimmy Bennett, Sasha Pieterse, Miley Cyrus, Ryan Newman, Melanie Iglesias, and Kristen Alderson.

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Soundtrack Edit

  1. Digga Digga Dog by Jaden Smith
  2. Take Me Home Tonight by Every Avenue
  3. Control by Puddle of Mudd
  4. Moon River by Elton John
  5. Crazy Train by Sloan
  6. All Star by LAW (a Smash Mouth cover)
  7. Don't Wanna Think About You by Anarbor
  8. Life Together by Rose Falcon
  9. This is Real by The Vamps
  10. The Boys Are Back in Town by Faceplant

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