Penelope's room

  • Penelope: (Crying on her bed)
  • Max: (Comes to her room) Oh, Don't tell me that stupid movie's over yet.
  • Penelope: My owner Leila said She's gone for two weeks. (Crying Resume)
  • Max: Come on. So Leila is gone for two weeks. I didn't ask My owner to leave.
  • Theo, Buddy, Hunter, Rover and Fifi come to her room
  • Theo: It's okay, Penelope. Leila come back in two weeks.
  • Penelope: Weeks? (Crying)
  • Buddy: Penelope. Don't cry.
  • Rover: I'm right beside you.
  • Penelope: How do you know?
  • Buddy: I know my owner Firework Sam left me in Fire station.

Dog station

Outside of Leila's house

Leila's house

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