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Egyptian Canadians are Canadian citizens of Egyptian descent, first-generation Egyptian immigrants, or descendants of Egyptians who emigrated to Canada. According to the 2011 Census there were 73,250 Canadians who claimed full or partial Egyptian ancestry,[1] having an increase compared to those in the 2006 Census, making them by far the second largest group of people with Arabic-speaking roots. The largest religious group among Egyptian Canadians are the Coptic Orthodox Christians, who number around 50,000 members in Canada. Muslims constitute a smaller portion of the Egyptian community in Canada, belonging to the Sunni sect of Islam. A small number of Egyptian Christians who immigrated to Canada include Coptic Catholics and Protestants. In addition to Coptic Christians, there are also small groups of Christians non-native to Egypt, such as Armenians, Greeks, and Syro-Lebanese, who belong to Armenian, Eastern Orthodox, or Melkite Catholic churches.[2] There is even a small Jewish community that exists, due to Egypt's expulsion of its Jewish community in the late 1950s.
Most Egyptian Canadians are concentrated in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

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