Fluffy Dogs is an upcoming American computer-animated buddy comedy animated film that was produced by Pixar.

It was directed by Andrew Stanton, and produced by John Lasseter, Pete Docter and Bob Peterson.

The film features the voices of James Haven, Seth Rogen, Catherine Reitman, John Turturro, Jim Carrey, and Joe Arquette.

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In a world where dogs play in the park, Marley, a golden retriever, is the leader of groups of dogs that are owned by a young man named Adam.

With his family going away one week before his birthday.

Adam is given a party with his friends, while the dogs discover Adam's new presents.

Adam is going to the skateboard game, while the dogs discover the dog pound.

Adam receives an old sheepdog named Hairy.

Marley becomes resentful, except when he notices that Hairy also gets attention from dogs.

They heard a laugh of Dan Fungus who loved to torture dogs.

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  1. Best Friend by The Vamps
  2. Let's Just Go by TLC
  3. Come With Me by Saint Asonia
  4. Drive by The Gaslight Anthem
  5. I Gotta Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas
  6. I Said You Will by Lips
  7. Good and Ugly by The Balconies
  8. Don't be Shy by Burnham
  9. We have a friend by The Dark Romantics
  10. Mr. Brightside by Vampires (band)

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