Jungle Adventure: The Movie is an upcoming American animated comedy-drama adventure film based on Discovery Family television show, Jungle Adventure

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Jerry was sailing W.C. Madden and his friends to his home, the Jungle. Meanwhile, Michelle taunted her friends because she won a pass. Her taunting makes Perry accidentally hits Jerry, who loses a control of the boat. Michelle grabs a rope as the boat loses control and careens down a wave, breaking a boat.

In a nearby island, Jerry angrily blames Perry for crashing the ship and Kelly blames Michelle.

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  1. Real Wild Child by Anarbor
  2. Life is a Highway by The Wallflowers
  3. Take Your Sweet Time by Jesse McCartney
  4. Life is a Party by The Warning
  5. So Lonely by L.A.W.
  6. 96 Quite Bitter Beings by CKY
  7. Animal Nation by Sound of Contact
  8. The Kids Aren't Alright by Faceplant
  9. Clocks by Coldplay
  10. Girls Just Want to Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper
  11. Shaking the Tree by Sound of Contact
  12. You Better Swim by Nickelback
  13. Monkey Man by Pierce the Veil
  14. Born to Be Wild by Puddle of Mudd

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