Background information
Feature films The Dolphin of the Ocean
The Dolphin of the Ocean II: The New Beginning
Television programs
Video games The Dolphin of the Ocean
Disney's Interactive Book: The Dolphin of the Ocean
Books and Comics
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Animators Eric Goldberg
Voice Connie Britton (film)
Kath Soucie (video games, sequel)
Performance model
Inspiration Bambi's mother
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names Queen Kathy
Mom or Mother (by Danny)
Personality Loving, kind, gentle
Appearance Slender dolphin, beautiful, purple skin, pink eyesight, crown with heart
Occupation Queen of the ocean (until her death)
Alignment Good
Goal Protect and raise Danny
Home Ocean
Relatives Danny (son)
Nigel (husband)
Debbie (daughter-in-law)
Franny (granddaughter)
Allies Danny, Samuel, Chloe, Debbie
Enemies Jaws, Bonzo, Anchor, Gego, Jaws' minions
Likes Her family
Dislikes Danger
Powers and abilities Dolphin chatter
Fate Killed by Barracuda
Quote "Don't Go Too Far"
"Danny. Give Me Your Flipper" (last word)

Kathy is the character from The Dolphin of the Ocean

Physical appearanceEdit




In storyboard; She wears a crown on her head and a royal cape

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