For the James Glennie-Smith musical score, see Kimba the White Lion: Original Motion Picture Score.
Kimba the White Lion: Music From the Motion Picture
various artist
Released January 24, 2023
Recorded 2022-2023
Genre Alternative rock, hard rock, post-grunge, alternative metal
Length 66:00
Label Columbia, Universal Music Group, Roadrunner Records/Warner Bros., Epic Soundtrax
Produced by Will Botwin
Jonas Nachsin
Lyor Cohen
Julie Greenwald
Spring Aspers
Lia Vollack
Glen Brunman
Denise Luiso

Kimba the White Lion: Music From the Motion Picture is an upcoming 2023 soundtrack album for the film Kimba the White Lion (film).

Track listing Edit

No. Title Length
1. "Kimba the White Lion" (Bill Grant) 0:41
2. "King of the World" (Lemon Tree) 4:05
3. "Testify" (Vampire) 3:49
4. "Fight Till Death" (Slaver) 3:37
5. "Love Song" (Silver Star) 2:23
6. "Welcome to the Jungle" (Snakepit) 4:29
7. "Animal I Have Become" (Quarter) 3:53
8. "Broken" (Benally) 4:20
9. "Set It Off" (P.O.S.) 4:10
10. "Home" (Blanco) 3:13
11. "We Are One" (Anarchy) 3:28
12. "Hunted Down" (Sound of Garden) 2:42
13. "Hard to Say" (The Black Spider) 3:22
14. "Jungle" (The Cloisters) 4:29
15. "Far Away" (Jennifer McGraw) 3:59
16. "She's My Favorite Girl" (Ryan Cabrera) 4:18
17. "Africa" (Faceplant) 5:00
18. "Hunt Down" (Kongos) 3:50
19. "Kimba the White Lion" (Mt. Eddy) 2:59
20. "It's Like a Gunshot" (Solid Bold) 3:12
21. "All in My Head" (Flaming Creatures) 4:00
22. "Even" (Pink Dolphins) 3:50

Chart positions Edit

References Edit

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