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This is a list of African-American Jews.

Name Nationality Occupation
Dinah Abrahamson[1] 1954–2013 United States Author and politician
Ryan Adeleye[2] born 1987 United States Soccer player
Eric André[3] born 1983 United States Comedian
Darrin Bell[4] born 1975 United States Cartoonist
David Blu[5][6] born 1980 United States
Basketball player
Lisa Bonet[7] born 1967 United States Actress
Nell Carter[8] 1948–2003 United States Singer and actress
Danielia Cotton[9] born 1967 United States Singer, songwriter and guitarist
Sammy Davis, Jr.[10] 1925–1990 United States Dancer and singer
Jordan Farmar[11] born 1986 United States Basketball player
Ada Fisher[12] born 1947 United States Physician and politician
Aaron Freeman[13] born 1956 United States Comedian
Capers C. Funnye Jr.[14] born 1952 United States Rabbi
Goapele[15] born 1977 United States Singer-songwriter
Lewis Gordon[16] born 1962 United States Philosopher
Andrew Graham born 2001 United States Musician
Aaron Graham born 2008 United States Musician
Kat Graham[17] born 1989 United States Actress
Stephanie Graham born 2005 United States Singer-songwriter
Ahuva Gray[18] United States
Reuben Greenberg[19] 1943–2014 United States Criminologist
Lani Guinier[20] born 1950 United States Lawyer and scholar
Ben Harper[21] born 1967 United States Musician
Kali Hawk[17] born 1986 United States Actress
Carolivia Herron[22] born 1967 United States Writer and scholar
Reese Hopkins[23] United States Radio talk show host
Ruby Johnson[24] 1936–1999 United States Soul singer
Kidada Jones[25] born 1974 United States Actress
Rashida Jones[26] born 1976 United States Actress
Yaphet Kotto[27] born 1939 United States Actor
Lenny Kravitz[27] born 1964 United States Musician
Julius Lester[28] born 1939 United States Author
Lauren London[29] born 1984 United States Actress and fashion model
Elliott Maddox[30] born 1947 United States Baseball player
Saoul Mamby[31] born 1947 United States Boxer
Taylor Mays[32] born 1988 United States American football player
James McBride[33] born 1957 United States Writer and musician
Yavilah McCoy[34] born 1972 United States Teacher
Adah Isaacs Menken[35] 1835–1868 United States Actress and poet
"Magnificent" Montague[36] born 1928 United States Disc jockey
Walter Mosley[37] born 1952 United States Novelist
Joshua Nelson[38] United States Gospel singer
Nissim (rapper)[39] born 1986 United States
Rapper and producer
Aulcie Perry[40] born 1950 United States
Basketball player
Rain Pryor[41] born 1969 United States Actress and comedian
Joshua Redman[42] born 1969 United States Jazz saxophonist
Tracee Ellis Ross[43] born 1972 United States Actress and model
Maya Rudolph[44] born 1972 United States Actress and comedian
Willie "The Lion" Smith[45] 1897–1973 United States Jazz pianist
Alysa Stanton[46] United States Rabbi
Amar'e Stoudemire[47] born 1982 United States Basketball player
Khleo Thomas[48] born 1989 United States Actor
Andre Tippett[49] born 1959 United States American football player
Alex Tyus[50] born 1988 United States
Basketball player
Rebecca Walker[51] born 1969 United States Feminist and writer
Justin Warfield[52] born 1973 United States Rapper
Robin Washington[53] born 1956 United States Journalist and filmmaker
Jamila Wideman[54] born 1975 United States Basketball player
Andre Williams[55] born 1936 United States R&B musician
Earl Williams[56] born 1951 United States
Basketball player
Jackie Wilson[57] 1934–1984 United States Singer
Y-Love[58] born 1978 United States Hip-hop artist


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