This is a list of episodes of the American animated television series Rescue Dogs, broadcast on Cartoon Network.


​Season 1Edit

  1. Let's Hit the Road
  2. The Smell of a Skunk
  3. Fleas
  4. Hong Kong Dragon
  5. Don't Have a Cow (Rescue Dogs)
  6. The Dog Who Knew Too Much
  7. Quintuplets
  8. Tooth on the Loose (Rescue Dogs)
  9. Birthday Rescue
  10. Pirates of North America
  11. The Baby Penguin
  12. Tiny Horsefly
  13. Attack of the Gorilla
  14. We're Heroes
  15. Storm From the Pacific
  16. Heat Wave
  17. A Hair of the Dog That Bit You
  18. Dawn of Dinosaurs
  19. Love Is Zesty Zany Insanity Eh?
  20. Few Bugs in the System
  21. A Day In The Life
  22. Take Us To Your Leader
  23. Golden Pyramids
  24. Totally Meddling Pups
  25. Zoologically Obsessed Octogenarian
  26. Revenge of Cats

​Season 2Edit

  1. The Missing Bone
  2. The Ninja Cats
  3. Stranded
  4. Danger Zone
  5. Destruction of Castle
  6. Boo to You
  7. Dog Fight
  8. Sister's Playful Anarchy Causes Emergency
  9. Obnoxious Overzealous Male Parent Plays Annoying Horn
  10. The Fourth Flavor
  11. Quiet Unlikely In Entire House
  12. A Mini-Golf
  13. Rainbow Unicorns
  14. Snow Day
  15. Fantastic Voyage
  16. Sore Posteriers Annoy Dogs
  17. Terrible Huge Enemy
  18. Mission Impawsible
  19. Meeting of Villains Isn't Entertaining
  20. Crazy Tyrant
  21. Big Reward If Enemy Finished
  22. They Weren't Obliging
  23. Ridiculous Truth
  24. Pups Increase Peril
  25. Undercover
  26. Bow Wow Wedding

​Season 3Edit

  1. Hurt Operative Safely Protected In Totally Antiseptic Location
  2. Torpedo Loathsome
  3. Robbers
  4. Undead Craving Zombies
  5. The Perfect Match
  6. The Package
  7. Operation Ultra Tricky
  8. Homeward Bound
  9. Make a Wish
  10. Boys Enthusiastically Attempt Chivalrous Heroics

​Season 4Edit

​Season 5Edit

​Season 6Edit

​Season 7Edit

​Season 8Edit

​Season 9Edit

​Season 10Edit


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