Naruto is an upcoming American action adventure fantasy film directed by Chuck Russell, starring Adam Silverton, Elliot De Niro, Elle Fanning, Brady Corbet, Ryan Potter, Taylor Lautner, Walker Grant, Dave Sanchez, Miranda Cosgrove, Joe Estevez and Michael Imperioli. It follows Naruto and his friends battle the bad guys.




No. Title Length
1. "Everyday Superhero" (Freedom of Speech) 3:25
2. "Rebel Yell" (Breaking Benjamin) 4:47
3. "This Means War" (Faceplant) 3:22
4. "Bad Reputation" (The Shondes) 2:48
5. "Crazy Train" (Bullet for My Valentine) 4:49
6. "Burn It Down" (Linkin Park) 3:53
7. "Let You Down" (Seether) 4:26
8. "Irresistible" (Fall Out Boy) 3:26
9. "Heavy" (Collective Soul) 2:57
10. "Nookie" (Limp Bizkit) 4:26
11. "All I Want Is Everything" (Def Leppard) 5:20
12. "Bother" (Super Ego) 4:00
13. "Highway to Hell" (AC/DC) 3:27
14. "Heroes" (Crystal Ball) 3:29


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