Rugrats is a 2020 live action film produced by Brian Robbins and Starring Mark Wahlberg, Neve Campbell, Derek Richardson, June Diane Raphael, Stanley Tucci, Daryl Hannah and Tobey Maguire.

Cast Edit

  1. Alexandra Latysheva as Angelica Pickles
  2. Stanley Tucci as Lou Pickles was Tommy, Dil and Angelica's Grandfather and Stu and Drew's Father
  3. Mark Wahlberg as Stu Pickles was Tommy and Dil's Father
  4. Derek Richardson as Drew Pickles was Angelica's Father and Stu's Older Brother
  5. Neve Campbell as DiDi Pickles was Tommy and Dil's Mother
  6. June Diane Raphael as Charlotte Pickles was Angelica's Mother
  7. Daryl Hannah as Lulu Pickles was Stu and Drew's Step Mother
  8. Tobey Maguire as Charles Finster was Chuckie's Father
  9. Andrew Garfield as Howard DeVille was Phil and Lil's Father
  10. Casey Dacanay as Betty DeVille was Phil and Lil's Mother
  11. Kyoko Fukada as Kira Finster was Kimi's Mother
  12. Jim Carrey as Conan McNulty was the Grandfather of the McNulty Brothers and Norman's Father
  13. Cory Michael Smith as Norman McNulty was the Father of the McNulty Brothers
  14. Mia Kirshner as Colleen McNulty was the Mother of the McNulty Brothers
  15. Michael Keaton as The Policeman
  16. Alessia Cara as Jessica Harper
  17. Greg Page as Dr. Richard M. Davidson