The King of Tibetan Antelope is an upcoming American animated epic drama film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. It was directed by Aidan Allers and Randall Minkoff. The film stars James Wilkie Broderick, Elle Fanning, Charlie Pechenik, Maddie McKnight, Cody Williams, Meagan Good, Nicole Gale Anderson, Rashida Jones, Ferdinand Kingsley, Max Marin, Mason Dean, Gregory Ross, Jim Hoover, Julian Seinfeld and Chris Pine.

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The King of Tibetan Antelope
David Hill
Released May 7, 2030
Recorded 2029-30
Genre Pop, soundtrack
Length 62:14
Produced by Jake Zimmer, Oliver Leonard

The King of Tibetan Antelope is an album released by singer David Hill to accompany the Disney animated film The King of Tibetan Antelope. The songs were composed mainly by Hill, with score contributions by Jake Zimmer and Oliver Powell.

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No. TitleWriter(s) Length
7. "Main title"  Jake Zimmer 2:00
8. "The Birth of Nulu"  Jake Zimmer 3:20
9. "Nulu and Joma"  Jake Zimmer 1:59
10. "The Hunters"  Oliver Powell 3:17
21. "Battle of Wolves"  Oliver Powell 4:16
22. "Nulu Becomes the King"  Jake Zimmer and Oliver Powell 5:00

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