The Lord of Talon is an upcoming American animated comedy fantasy adventure film. It features the voices of Alex D. Linz, Conchita Campbell, Josh Peck and Bridgit Mendler.

The film's soundtrack includes Breaking Benjamin, The Wallflowers, Gorillaz, Rusted Root, Bryan Adams, Logan Kendell, Simple Plan, Virgin Millionaires and AJ Silva (Bryan Adams cover)

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The film begins when Talon was ruled in his palace.

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At the time Universal Animation was founded, director Chris Sanders decided to make a film

Buena Vista Animation Studios storyboard men Jordy Ranft, Sam Lasseter, Matt Peterson and Nicholas Docter were hired to make storyboard sequences for film. Regular Show animator J. G. Quintel joined to make story.

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Alex D. Linz was hired to voice Talon and he recorded all the dialogue of the character.

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The Lord of Talon was set to be a traditional animation in October 2017.

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The film will be released by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment on Blu-ray Tape and DVD on November 2, 2021

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The Lord of Talon
Various artist
Released May 4, 2021
Recorded 2020-2021
Length 49:50
Label Universal Music Group
Produced by Hans Zimmer

The soundtrack for The Lord of Talon was produced by Universal Music Group.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Length
1. "Until the End" (performed by Breaking Benjamin) 4:12
2. "You Better Run" (performed by Gorillaz) 4:52
3. "Send Me On My Way" (performed by Rusted Root) 4:05
4. "You and Me Song" (The Wallflowers) 2:45
5. "You Belong to Me" (Logan Kendell) 3:27
6. "How Could This Happen to Me" (Bryan Adams) 4:56
7. "Bulletproof Love" (Pierce the Veil) 4:01
8. "Hero" (Simple Plan) 3:10
9. "Burning Love" (Virgin Millionaires) 3:04
10. "(Everything I Do) I Do It for You" (AJ Silva) 4:06

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