The Magic Pudding is an Australian animated, musical, comedy, family film based on the story by Norman Lindsay. Distributed By Energee Entertainment, 20th Century Fox and Icon Productions Starring Sam Neill, Hugo Weaving, John Cleese, Geoffrey Rush, Jack Thompson, Toni Collette and Mary Coustas

Plot Edit

In the South Pole, Bill Barnacle and his crew are cursing across the waters as when their ship crashes from a wave. Afterwards, they were starving and there evil shipmate Buncle wanted to eat Sam as when he thought it tastes like veggie pie. After that situation they discover some sort of pudding magic called Albert that can talk, change flavour on request, lasts forever and demands that they continue to eat him. The crew are divided over the pudding but two of them resolve to protect and look after it. 10 years later, far from this, a small koala named Bunyip Bluegum discovers that he is not an orphan and sets out on a quest to find his parents, Meg and Tom Bluegum. Their paths cross on the road when Bunyip stumbles into the middle of an attempt by thieves to steal the everlasting pudding from Bill and his first mate Sam.

Synopsis Edit


Cast Edit

  • John Cleese as Albert the Magic Pudding
  • Geoffrey Rush as Bunyip Bluegum
  • Hugo Weaving as Bill Barnacle
  • Sam Neill as Sam Sawnoff
  • Jack Thompson as Buncle
  • Toni Collette as Meg Bluegum
  • Roy Billing as Tom Bluegum
  • Greg Carroll as Watkin Wombat
  • Dave Gibson as Possum and Uncle Wattleberry
  • Mary Coustas as Ginger
  • John Laws as Rumpus Bumpus
  • Sandy Gore as Frog on the Log
  • Michael Veitch as Bandicoot
  • Peter Gwynne as Benjamin Brandysnap
  • Robyn Moore as Henrietta Hedgehog
  • Martin Vaughan as Parrot
  • Gerry Connolly as Dobson Dorking

Release Edit

The film was first released in Australia on December 14, 2000.

The VHS tape and DVD were released in Australia in May 2001.

It was then released in New Zealand four months later after the Australian release on April 9, 2001.

A re-release of the DVD was released in Australia in 2013.

Soundtrack Edit

The soundtrack was recorded by the Marionette Theatre of Australia and released in the next year after the movie on July 14, 2001.

  • 1. "It's A Wonderful Day - Geoffrey Rush" 1.25
  • 2. "Albert, The Magic Pudding - John Cleese, Sam Neill, Geoffrey Rush & Chorus" 2.42
  • 3. "If I Had You - Kate Ceberano" 4.23
  • 4. "I Want You Back - N Sync" 3.22
  • 5. "The Puddin' Owner's Song - Sam Neill, Geoffrey Rush & Hugo Weaving" 2.32
  • 6. "My Heart Beats - Toni Collette" 2.16
  • 7. "Flying Without Wings - Westlife" 3.36
  • 8. "Sister - Sister2Sister" 3.25
  • 9. "It's Worse Than Weevils - Sam Neill, Geoffrey Rush & Hugo Weaving" 0.38
  • 10. "Save the Town - Sam Neill, Geoffrey Rush & Hugo Weaving" 1.51
  • 11. "Eternal Flame - Human Nature" 3.20
  • 12. "In the Underground Tonight - Jack Thompson, Mary Coustas, Dave Gibson & Chorus" 1.47
  • 13. "Friends - Merril Bainbridge" 4.24
  • 14. "The Magic Pudding - Rolf Harris" 3.07
  • 15. "Now I Can Dance - Tina Arena" 5.55
  • 16. "A Slice of Pudding - The Magic Pudding Orchestra" 5.37

Video games Edit

The Magic Pudding Adventure - The same month when the movie was released, an interactive game called "The Magic Pudding Adventure" was released with video highlights from the movie and 5 re-playable activities including Sink or Swim also released on DVD.