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The Target
Released 2002
Genre Post-grunge
Length 24:05
Label Island
Last album Hoobastank
This album The Target
Next album The Reason

The Target is an EP released by American alternative rock band Hoobastank in 2002. It features three original tracks not heard on other Hoobastank recordings, as well as acoustic versions of four songs from the band's original self-titled release.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Length
1. "The Critic"   3:01
2. "Never Saw It Coming"   3:19
3. "Open Your Eyes"   3:46
4. "Running Away (Acoustic)"   3:03
5. "Up and Gone (Acoustic)"   3:01
6. "Crawling in the Dark (Acoustic)"   4:19
7. "Ready for You (Acoustic)"   3:27
Total length: